Lilly Taing is an artist and a medical student who loves reading and telling stories and is interested in children's/MG/YA publishing, visual development, and illustration.

She likes playing with colors and shapes and capturing whimsical moments in life. She also hopes to use art as a tool for advocacy and for helping marginalized voices be heard.


Thanks for stopping by and she hopes you have a nice, colorful day!



lilleidraws @ twitter


The Intima, Fall 2016.

Comics for Choice: Illustrated Abortion Stories, History, and Politics, 2017.

Dirty Diamonds: Issue #8: Sex, 2017.

CORPUS: A Comic Anthology of Bodily Ailments, 2018.

Dirty Diamonds: Issue #9: Being, 2018.


Comfort Food, 2018.

Legacies: An Asian American Anthology, 2019.

Womanly Magazine: Issue #5: Stress, 2019.

Annals of Internal Medicine, 2020.

Celebration: An AAPI Anthology, 2020.

American Medical Association Journal of Ethics, 2021.


Panelist on "Graphic Medicine: A Spoonful of Comics Helps the Medicine Go Down" at Ladies Con, 2020.

All artwork and photos, unless otherwise stated, belong to me. Please do not repost, appropriate, edit, and/or reproduce my artwork and photos for any form of profit and/or without my authorization.

© 2021 by Lilly Taing

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