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My comic, Home, for Legacies: An Asian American Anthology.

In the past few years, I have been reflecting a lot more on my Asian American identity. I have always struggled with wanting to share my experiences of coming to terms with what being Asian American and being a child of refugees and of a mixed ethnic background is like, because I often felt out of place in the Asian American community. Illustrating for this anthology is another step towards processing how my childhood has shaped who I am today and accepting that my story adds to the rich, diverse experiences of Asian Americans everywhere.

Proceeds were donated to the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.


My submission to Dirty Diamonds #9: Being.


Dirty Diamonds is an all-girl comics anthology that features semi-autobiographical stories from female comic creators from around the world. Each volume focuses on a different central theme. In the ninth installment, various creators and artists share their stories and thoughts on what "being" means to them.


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